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Every other coffee lover or caffeine-addicted person end up in a circumstance of brewing coffee early morning, the one that was ordered online promising high quality. Sipping onto a cup of coffee, brewed at a Cafe recommended by your friends is another situation of experimenting your go-to drink from suggested place.

The judgment is passed after smelling its aroma and taking on one sip, and, what you are left with is a spoilt mood.

Doesn’t it blow up your mind and ruins the whole mood?

That moment you feel like the place is so overrated without any reason as cafes and coffee companies tend to lose their originality while they get famous. Only a few of them manages to restore authenticity.

Coffee is a beverage that has one of the widest commercialized markets with over 12 billion pounds of coffee produced annually.

What is morning for a coffee person?

An exotic aroma whirls through every room of the house while the clock ticks to 8 in the morning. Coffee lover’s morning starts with a cup of finely refined brewed coffee with a controlled stream of water.

Morning caffeine acts as a mild stimulant that helps you get through the day and this plays a fine role in the lives of a caffeine-addicted.

Precisely, coffee lovers are quite choosy and particular when it’s about their choice of freshly brewed coffee. The aroma is enough to speak up for “THEIR TYPE OF PERFECT CUP OF COFFEE”.


Unlike other coffee makers failing to fulfill the promises made, Satheesh Kaapi makes sure to offer authenticity with a pinch of aroma through its five different flavours to satisfy every mood. We have our five special flavours in coffee – Shanth Aag Arabica Medium Roasted Coffee Beans, Hasiru Aayush Arabica Healthy Green Beans, Bhoomi 100% Natural Arabica Coffee Powder, Misty Nadi Authentic 80/20 Blended Filter Coffee and Cloudy Authentic 70/30 Blended Filter Coffee.

Only dealing in best quality coffee beans that are handpicked from the land of Chikmagalur, Karnataka and every stage of the bean is closely examined by the owners itself.

A coffee brand that is certified in equally balancing authenticity and rich- flavours within a handful of beans in a bag with hard- work, love and much care.

Attentive steps are taken while growing Arabica beans that are free from residues, chemicals and artificial fertilizers. The steps indulge the perfect environment, the soil, the shade, organic fertilizers and continuous care.

The ripe cherries are hand-picked and processed according to an old- age method to bring out the right flavour of the beans. The in-house local roasters have 30 + years of experience in blending Coffee with Chicory to retain the Authentic taste of Indian Filter Coffee.

Always remember that authenticity is tested through the lightness of the coffee powder.

Story of preparing organic coffee beans for the final serving is something very different at Satheesh Kaapi.

Listing a few benefits of the organic coffee offered by Satheesh Kaapi are as follows:


Unlike conventional caffeine, organic coffee relieves the stress of cutting down trees (Deforestation, to be precise) as caffeine is grown under the shade of the trees. Indeed, it helps in the preservation of wildlife, vegetation, and the prevention of soil erosion that is heavily faced in the growth of traditional coffee.


Involvement of organic farming leads to healthier and more resistant crop whereas growing organic coffee involves the shade of trees ending up in depleting the need for irrigation henceforth, saving water. Also, it ends up in minimization of soil erosion.


Organic farms play a significant role in withstanding climate change by emitting less carbon than chemical farms isolating heavy amounts of carbon. Thereby, organic coffee beans are richer in antioxidants, and after tasting it you can point out the difference.


To preserve Sustainable Production, several Organic Agriculture Techniques needs to be brought in the limelight. Techniques like composting of organic material, mulching of the soil under the trees with organic material, use of biological pest control, and investing in shade regulation are the main methods that will help to lead a life to sustainable production. The methods help out to enhance the fertility of the soil.

That’s how Satheesh Kaapi manages to ensure quality and rich- flavours through the five varieties in every coffee bean of theirs. The beans are roasted and grinded only after the order is placed to ensure freshness.

What are you waiting for? Order it now. We won’t upset you and will surely meet up to your expectations.

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