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6 ways to select the best coffee beans

Earlier, we didn’t have much to choose from, when it was about brews, blends and flavours of coffee. With evolving time, coffee as a beverage certainly gained quite a lot of significance.

It has gradually become our go-to beverage that acts as a fuel every morning. Fills us with instant energy and helps us fight back against the diseases and laziness every moment, each day.

What is quite surprising is people are getting more health-conscious and are switching to organic coffee! On the other hand, everyone is experimenting on varied brews, blends and flavours just to explore the world of coffee, especially the coffee addicts. The world of coffee is just getting bigger and bigger but, don’t trust any brand blindly.

Why Satheesh Kaapi is different?

SATHEESH KAAPI goes an extra mile to deliver a flavourful, strong yet smooth cup of organic coffee from the rich and fertile soil of Karnataka.

Certified by import and export licences in India for catering to the Indian and International markets, Satheesh Kaapi is quite eco- friendly.

Beans that would make you surrender through its aroma yet, a dense taste to make it throughout the day.

SATHEESH KAAPI will guide you further to buy the best coffee beans.

1. Variety of roasted beans 

Lightly Roasted Beans– The lightly roasted beans are least roasted hence, retain more of the unique flavours and characteristics of the original farm than other roast levels. Lightly roasts are very light weighted and have bright aromas whereas no bitterness is present in it.

Medium Roasted Beans– Medium roasts are slightly bitter and hold a balance of exotic flavours. The beans are darker in comparison to lightly roasted beans. The equal balance of everything contributes to the well-rounded flavour.

Dark Roasted Beans- The dark roasted beans are but obvious, dark brown and often have a thin oily sheen on their surfaces. In terms of origin, Dark roasts beans have the least characteristic of the farm. They are dense, diverse and satisfying. The aromas become deep and rich, a darker sweetness, and notes of spice, earth, and wood appear.

Satheesh Kaapi deals in Arabica and Robusta Beans that reflect the balance of every pinch of flavour

2. Arabica coffee beans

Arabica plants are the first species of coffee that is cultivated with a global dominance of over 60%.  The plant survives in a tropical area and generally have few branches on it whereas doesn’t grow a ton of coffee cherries. However, a fun fact is fewer branches leads to each coffee bean getting more nutrients. Hence, the Arabica beans acquire complex flavours that makes it amazing in taste. The flavours are diverse and there’s not a ton of bitterness.

Grab your packet of Satheesh Kaapi in five different flavours before its too late.

3. Dried coffee beans

Carefully check that the beans do not have an oily surface. Always go for dried coffee beans as the oily ones indicate over- roasting. When coffee beans are roasted for a long period, the oil within the beans tends to leak as the cell wall splits due to overheating.

Thereafter, ending up to a bland and burnt coffee taste.

Satheesh Kaapi monitors that every bean is perfectly roasted and dried.

4. Freshly roasted coffee beans

To get the freshly roasted coffee beans, you have three options :

Café- Coffee places generally have roasted beans available for sale. But they have limited stock and sometimes they might not be fresh.

Online Portal- Buying beans online certainly opens up ample options for origins and flavours. But few sellers sell roasted coffee- to- order.

Direct from roaster- Quite a lot of roasters deals in freshly roasted beans however, there still is a drawback of a single source of origin.

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