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The Coffee Blog

Our love for specialty coffee is never-ending.

Stay Home Stay Safe - Satheesh Kaapi

Stay Home Be Safe

Be safe. Stay home. Drink coffee! Let us not discuss the second surge of Covid19, or the impending horror of...

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valentines day coffee date - satheesh kaapi

Love Is In The Air

Love is in the air, so is the smell of freshly brewed coffee! February is the month we all wait...

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Winter Coffee - Satheesh Kaapi

Winter and Coffee

The mercury has started dipping and winter has started to set in. Wake up and embrace the morning. The woolens...

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Satheesh Kaapi - A reputed Coffee Brand

Know your coffee!

Any Taste is perceived through taste buds.  A human tongue recognizes different tastes – Sweet, Salt, Sour & Bitter. In...

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Raw Coffee Beans

Coffee is a Hug in a Mug !

Sit on your sofa with your hot (or cold) beverage and experience the most relaxing and satisfying International Coffee Day...

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A Cup of Coffee With Your Loved Ones

A Cup of Coffee with your loved ones

Coffee drinking is more than a health move or a morning ritual- it’s a social thing. Coffee brings people together...

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